Mustard Seed Faith

Jordan B. Davis
Church Relations Officer

Preparing for worship at Kirk of Holly Springs
Preparing for worship at Kirk of Holly Springs

Kirk of Holly Springs Presbyterian is a satellite congregation of Kirk of Kildaire Presbyterian Church (you might remember them from this blog about community engagement.) Three years ago several people began worshiping in their homes each Sunday. Fast forward almost two years to January 2015 when they began worshipping in the Masonic Lodge in Holly Springs, NC. Today they continue to worship at the Masonic Lodge while they are in the process of looking for a larger space.

As I spoke with several individuals in this new congregation this past Sunday, I began to learn the story of this community- not just how they got here, but also what they are both excited and apprehensive about as they move forward.  Even more than the excitement and apprehension, I see their faith.

“Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.”  Matthew 17: 20

mustard-seedI remember marveling at a necklace my mother had when I was child- a small glass orb with a tiny mustard seed inside. She shared with me this verse and what it meant for each one of us. I have seen it played out in different areas of my life, but never in such an important place as the Masonic Lodge in Holly Springs.

The growing community of Holly Springs did not have a Presbyterian church among the maze of new roads and signs for roads that don’t even exist. There are needs in the area – everything from  feeding the hungry to providing a place of welcome for those who seek wholeness.   A new worshipping community can address those needs. Now, the goal for Kirk of Holly Springs is to put their worries aside and trust that God will walk with them as they find new, creative, and appropriate ways to respond to people’s needs while worshiping God.

Kirk of Holly Springs Presbyterian at Holly Springs Masonic Lodge
Kirk of Holly Springs Presbyterian
at Holly Springs Masonic Lodge

In a world that says that insists that the church is dying, all it took for this congregation to get started was a small bit of faith. Together, they have formed a vibrant congregation, connected to and guided by the congregation of Kirk of Kildaire, and led each Sunday by local ministers who also have faith in the ministry of this growing congregation.

I am honored to be able to visit a wide variety of congregations almost every week. In a time where some say the Church is dying, I am excited to share with you an example of how this mustard-seed-believing group of people celebrate the resurrection of Christ and embody hope for the future. Kirk of Holly Springs believes in big things that can come from tiny beginnings.

If you are interested in ways to support new worshiping communities or want to learn more about the many ways to start a new worshiping community, check out the PC(USA) 1,001 movement.


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