Silent Encouragement


Jordan B. Davis
Church Relations Officer

Bulletin Boards have been a constant in our lives for as long as we can remember– highlighting good school work, reminding us of education themes, and letting us know what to expect in the coming weeks. We see them in schools, businesses, and churches every day. They can serve to remind us of our purpose and goals as they silently urge us forward.

20150927_103631At Shallotte Presbyterian, bulletin boards line the main hallway leading from the parking lot to the sanctuary, passing most of the classrooms along the way. These bulletin boards aren’t your run-of-the-mill boards, though! We have all seen the woefully out-of-date, faded, and generally unattractive bulletin boards in a church fellowship hall or hallway.  Shallotte’s bulletin boards burst with creative designs, photographs, and evidence of vibrant ministry.  Every bulletin board is updated, colorful, and shares a different facet of Shallotte Presbyterian’s story — one recognizing active and retired military in the congregation complete with articles and stories–and another highlighting youth activities including an “after party” for the local football game. One bulletin board outlines the benefits of shopping locally and even has contact information for local businesses owned by church members and friends. The one that I enjoyed the most shows the congregation’s involvement in the community and in the individual lives of members. It is filled with thank you cards and pictures–some for donations and others thanking them for prayers and support.

Bulletin boards are one of the first ways that we can tell our story to a visitor as they walk our halls. The notes and pictures shared on them can serve as encouragement for members to keep going when things get tough. The night before I led worship at Shallotte, an elder told me of the many things this congregation does, but the bulletin boards full of updated events and thank you notes also showed me a small glimpse of the result of their actions.  In fact, the bulletin boards celebrate the “inter-action” of church and family members and the community at large.

Take a walk today and check out your bulletin boards. What story do they tell of your congregation? Are they a glimpse into the past, filled with faded paper and out-of-date brochures–or do they serve to get visitors and members alike excited about the next day of ministry?

Shallotte Presbyterian is led by Rev. John Causey (M.Div. 1981) and Commissioned Ruling Elder Intern, Joyce Winkler (M.A. 1997).


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