These Are A Few of My Favorite (Advent) Things…


Jordan B. Davis
Church Relations Officer

If you have been listening to the radio recently, it is likely that you have heard the classic song “My Favorite Things” from (the even more classic) movie Sound of Music. If you are like me, you can’t help but sing along as you picture a young Julie Andrews dancing around the room with the Von Trapp children, trying to drown out the thunderstorm that has awoken the household.

The song, with a list of wonderful objects and gifts, can serve as a reminder to many of us of those “simpler” days when whiskers on kittens sufficed. Listening to it this past week, I found myself thinking about my favorite things of Christmases past- the yearly picture with my sisters and Santa, lighting the luminary candles in the cul-de-sac on Christmas Eve and later carrying the small nativity character to front of the sanctuary to place it in the candle-lit nativity scene during the 11 o’clock worship service. I shared these memories and others with my husband as we admired the elegant Christmas tree standing in the middle of our local mall. As we shared our favorite memories, I quickly realized that these memories were slowly pushing the worry of the world out of my mind (if only for a few minutes).

This afternoon it is very likely that many of you reading this have just finished a long staff meeting or some pastoral care visits. Some of you might have checked the news to find something else going on that just doesn’t fit with what the mood should be this time of year. Church calendars are swamped and pastors are exhausted already; and so today, I encourage you to take a moment and remember your favorite things whether that is from your childhood or last year.

A favorite Advent workshop craft…

A favorite Advent story…

A favorite family tradition…

A favorite visit with a parishioner…

Please share your favorite things here so that we might encourage one another and possibly find the spark to reignite our flame this season, when it might seem that so much is lost in Christmas chaos and heartbreaking news reports.


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