Worship Through Windows

Raleigh Court Presbyterian Church

Nicole Childress Ball, Church Relations Officer

Stained glass windows have been artfully crafted in churches since the age of the Reformation. Iconic biblical stories are brought to life on a large or small scale, depending on the size of the window.

I was fortunate enough to travel to Paris during our holiday break. It was late evening and we decided to tour the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. Because it was dark outside, we were unable to share in the beauty of the famous North Rose Window (pictured below). However, its beauty is remarkable in daylight.

The stained glass work depicts Mother Mary with Jesus on her lap while the surrounding elements depict scriptural prophets, kings and judges. The window has been titled, “The Glorification of Mother Mary”.

North Rose Window at night,   Notre-Dame Cathedral

This Sunday, I had the pleasure of sharing about Union Presbyterian Seminary at Raleigh Court Presbyterian Church in Roanoke, Virginia. Founded in 1924, Raleigh Court has been ministering to the wider community for 92 years. The main worship space includes a number of paneled stained glass windows depicting biblical accounts of Jesus’ ministry.

In a new sermon series titled, “Worship through the Windows”, Pastor Andrew Whaley will lead worship centered on one of the stories of the life of Jesus that is depicted in one of the stained glass windows from January through March. “As we go window to window, we hope that we begin to understand a bit more fully just who Jesus is and so be able to listen more carefully to His call on our lives”.

Every worship space tells a story about the particular church, and stained glass imagery shares in that greater story. Think about the particular church of which you are a part. Does your sanctuary or worship space have stained glass windows? If so, what images are depicted? How do these images share in the greater story of faith in the Church?

To learn more about this sermon series, and other happenings at Raleigh Court Presbyterian Church, check out their website here.



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