“That progressive, little church on the hill?”

Original artwork by Cove Presbyterian Church member Karen Levering.


On my way to Covesville, Virginia this past Sunday to guest preach at Cove Presbyterian Church, I was side-tracked and missed my turn. Thankfully, a small shop nearby was open so I proceeded to ask for directions. The attendant remarked, “oh…that progressive, little church on the hill?”

Cove Presbyterian Church seemed just that. Nestled in a hillside off route 29 in Southern Albemarle County, the 1800’s sanctuary building sits as a beacon of history to the church and surrounding community. The intimate space is serene with vaulted ceilings, creaking wood floors and an eggshell-colored interior. Natural sunlight pours into the space thanks to beautiful, Gothic-style windows. I had several minutes in the space to myself before the service started and it was simply breathtaking.

In conversation with Covenant Pastor and alum, Rev. Joshua Andrzejewski, I began to learn about the congregation’s progressive nature. But it was during the announcement and prayers of the people portion of the worship service that I heard personal testimony, prayer requests, and member involvement which impacted my understanding the most.

Cove Presbyterian is passionate about serving others and is involved in hands-on ministry at many local mission initiatives in the surrounding community, including Covesville Child Development Center, Habitat for Humanity, and the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. Several members of the congregation are also involved in various international mission agencies, including Ixtatan Foundation, Building Goodness Foundation and mission work in Mexico.

Moreover, it was the warmth and community experienced in worship that helped me better understand this progressive, little church on the hill. The worship experience was book-ended by communal participation, through collective sharing of praise, burdens, needs, and opportunities to be with one another along the journey of faith. While they are few in number, this congregation abounds with willing hearts and eager hands to reach out in the name of Jesus Christ.

With this spirit in mind, Cove Presbyterian Church has discerned a new path to extend a call to a full-time pastor for a designated term. This is a bold step in an exciting direction for Cove Presbyterian. They covet your prayers for their Session and PNC during this time!

To learn more about Cove Presbyterian Church, including a link to their MIF on the CLC, click here.

Nicole C. Ball, Church Relations Officer



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