Community: Sprunts celebrated!

image1This past week, CRO Jordan Davis and I were busy assisting the staff and faculty of Union Presbyterian Seminary in hosting our annual Sprunt Lecture series on the Richmond Campus and nearby at Ginter Park Presbyterian Church. What a wonderful time of worship, study, and fellowship!

We hosted nearly 175 alumni, clergy, and community friends over the course of 3 days, beginning with a fabulous golf tournament in beautiful weather on Monday morning. We heard engaging lectures about Paul’s letter to the church in Rome from Dr. Beverly Roberts Gaventa. We worshiped with alumnus, Rev. Gary Charles, at Watts Chapel and Ginter Park church. We celebrated distinguished alumni Dr. Nancy Ramsay and Dr. Art Ross for their contributions to the Church in the world.  Between time, alums gathered to share memories of their time at Union and to reconnect after several years away from their beloved alma mater.

As a 2011 graduate of Union Presbyterian Seminary at Richmond, I had not made the time in my work schedule to attend a Sprunt Lecture series. Since participating this year as both a staff member and clergy-person, I can see why this event brings back so many members of our community! I feel honored to have been a student at an institution with a legacy of individuals who felt called, and continue to feel called, to a life of service and stewardship to the larger Church in the name of Jesus Christ. It was powerful to hear stories from past students, to hear about their contributions to their respective communities, and to watch the joy of reconnecting with beloved colleagues and professors. If I could sum up those three days, I would celebrate the joy of community shared at Union Presbyterian Seminary through the years. Again, what a wonderful time of worship, study and fellowship!

If you were not able to attend this great series of lectures and worship, and wish to hear from Dr. Gaventa, Rev. Charles and others, check out our Youtube page! Here you will find video recordings from the three lectures, two worship services and presentation from Dr. Bill Sweetser. Keep in touch with Union Presbyterian Seminary via our website for information about next year’s annual Sprunt Lecture series. We hope to see you in the future!

Nicole Childress Ball, Church Relations Officer


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