Congratulations, Graduates!

This weekend, the quad at our Richmond campus and sanctuary of Ginter Park Presbyterian will be filled with shouts of joy and accomplishment as we welcome another fantastic class of students into the folds of the Alumni flock. The students at our Charlotte campus will continue the celebrations next weekend at Sharon Presbyterian Church and in the beautiful courtyard on campus. Personally, I am especially excited for graduation because these are the students who were finishing their first year of seminary when I graduated two years ago!

Some of our graduates have already solidified their plans for this coming year and they range from continuing on to further education to serving congregations around the country. We are so proud of the accomplishments and plans of each of these students! These five are just a small selection of our graduates-

Daniel Burch will return to Union to complete a Masters in Theology, focusing in both Biblical and Practical Theologies, following his completion of the CPE program at MCV. Daniel will also continue his work toward licensing in the United Methodist Church.

Laura Kelly will serve as a VCU Health Chaplain Resident (and maybe lead a dance party or two for the patients?)

Carol Ferguson will be ordained on June 26 at Salem Presbyterian Church, just before she moves to Crescent Springs, KY where she will serve as Solo Pastor of Crescent Springs Presbyterian Church.

Leah Epps will complete her CPE internship at MCV this Fall and then hopes to serve a small congregation in Virginia or the Carolinas.

Ashley Harper Boschen will serve as the Minister to Families at Walnut Grove Baptist Church.

Samantha Richardson-Epps will be serving in the Chaplain Residency program in San Antonio, TX at Baptist Health System.

Elnoria Harrison will start a 12 month Chaplaincy residency CPE program at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in Norfolk, Virginia.

As we celebrate with each of these individuals, we also wait in anticipation to hear the plans of our other graduates. As exciting at graduation is, it also brings a an element of anxiety… the ever-present thought of “what is next?” was a  feeling that I was all too happy to forget after a very long summer following my own graduation!

If you would like to learn more about our students who are currently seeking calls, and their interests in ministry, please check out their profiles here (especially if you work with a congregation or organization looking for a new leader)!

As friend and colleague, former study buddy and current staff member, I want to offer my sincerest congratulations to each of our graduates. I have seen you grow for terrified first year students who were not sure what to do with summer language or our Bible courses, into empowered and empowering leaders of the Church in the world. Some of you made it here in a short three years, while others have endured early drives every Saturday morning for the last five years. All of you WILL make a change in this world and I look forward to seeing just what that change is!


Members of the Union Presbyterian Seminary, Class of 2016 (Richmond Campus) celebrate their upcoming graduation with President and Mrs. Brian Blount.

Rev. Jordan B. Davis
Church Relations Officer


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