we are ONE.


This week, we are taking a brief break from our regular congregational features to share some information about a very big and important way you can be involved with and help to support Union Presbyterian Seminary!

Last night, family and friends of Union Presbyterian Seminary gathered on “The Quad” at our Richmond Campus to help us kick off our capital campaign, “we are ONE. Strength Through Union.”

This campaign has actually been taking place for several years now, and we are now very excited to invite each of you to take part! To date, we have raised  almost $47 of $53 million during the quiet phase that went to launch Nine New Programs at the seminary.

One of the most noticeable outcomes of this campaign is the renovation of Richmond Hall. This building was last renovated in the 1960s and desperately needed an update! When it is completed in only a matter of MONTHS, Richmond Hall will be home for many of our students who will study and form life-long friendships within the suites that will fill the top two floors. The Jim Holderness Dining Room will play host to daily meals and valuable conversations between colleagues. The Barbara Lemmon Community Center will offer our students a place to relax and step away from their books to enjoy some fellowship time. The Syngman Rhee Global Mission Center for Christian Education will serve as a constant reminder of the many people and places around the world that have shaped Union Presbyterian Seminary, and the many open doors that await our current and future students. Learn more here.

Other Opportunities to give to Union Presbyterian Seminary include, but are not limited to-

Communities of Learning: This program assists incoming students in the pre-matriculation process as they meet other students, alums, and professors from all three campuses- Richmond, Charlotte, and Extended Campus- online for several weeks, and finally face-to-face at the end of the summer.

Evangelism program: Currently led by Rev. Dr. John Vest, visiting professor of evangelism, this program works within our curriculum as it guides our students in discerning what the Gospel means for them and their ministry and how to best share that in their individual settings.

Christian Education chairs: The Sara Little chair and the Bannerman/Gephardt chair will honor Christian Education legacies while providing space for new Christian Education opportunities in the 21st century through the hiring of two new Christian Education professors, each with a unique focus that will encourage our students to think about Christian Education in a new way.


As a student at Union Presbyterian Seminary, I was incredibly lucky to study with the best of the best at very little expense. Individuals, just like you, had given money to the seminary to help fund my education. I received a 100% tuition grant + the Promise for Parish Ministry grant. While I do still have loans that I am paying, I am not paying nearly as much as I could be. As a thank you to the seminary, and to those who helped pay for my education, I now give to the seminary every month in hopes that it might help make ministry possible for another student in the future.

These different initiatives that make up the entire “we are ONE” campaign will shape the education and ministry of all who are a part of Union Presbyterian Seminary. Your gift might help to provide a warm and safe place for our students to rest and study, or fund a professor to challenge those students and take their ministry to a new level. Your gift might help expand our library so that congregational leaders all over the country might benefit from the resources that Union has to offer, or help a new student have an easier transition into seminary.

As a proud alum of Union Presbyterian Seminary, I ask that you do take time to learn more about our “we are ONE” campaign and give as you are able so that we might continue to train students and connect with congregations around the world– because Union Presbyterian Seminary IS “For the Church in the World”!

Please visit our website to learn more about the campaign
and the many ways you can support Union Presbyterian Seminary!



Rev. Jordan B. Davis
Church Relations


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