Letters of Compassion


One of the beautiful parts of working in Church Relations is not just serving as a connecting point for our “connectional church”, but seeing the many ways that congregations are already connecting with others. I see joint worship services and service projects, joint lock-ins and pulpit sharing. On Sunday, Peace Presbyterian Church (Winterville, NC) introduced me to a new connectional opportunity.

“Letters of Compassion” provides a weekly opportunity for members of Peace Presbyterian to pray for individuals on their prayer list and for other congregations within the Presbytery of New Hope. Two letters – one for an individual and one for a congregation – sit on a table outside of the sanctuary. Members are invited to sign each letter before or after worship. The letter is then mailed out and that individual and congregation are made aware not just that Peace Presbyterian is praying for them, but that members of the congregation have intentionally taken a moment to step aside in the midst of activity to say a quick prayer as they sign their name.

As I watched individuals come sign each letter, I began to wonder how common it is that someone is placed on our prayer lists and doesn’t even know it? When I think of times that I know I needed prayer, it was nice to know that someone had said they would pray but it was much more powerful and meaningful to hear that they had already been or are currently spending time praying for me. These brief letters filled with signatures, offer that reminder and moment of reassurance.

This week we move into a time of thanksgiving, but also of gifting. With the model set by Peace Presbyterian, I encourage each of you to take a moment each week to send a note to someone just to let them know you are praying for them! This just might be the gift that keeps their light burning through the shorter, darker, and busier days.

How does your congregation reach out to those on your prayer list?
How does your congregation join together with other congregations, in action and in prayer?

Rev. Jordan B. Davis
Church Relations

As we seek new ways to join together in prayer and praise, you are invited to join Union Presbyterian Seminary in daily devotion during this Advent season! Download your PDF today, or subscribe via email to receive devotions in your inbox each morning. www.upsemdevotions.wordpress.com


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