In August 2014, Union Presbyterian Seminary started on a new journey with a Church Relations Officer. Seminary leaders saw that there was only a connection between congregations and the seminary if a) the congregation sent a student to the seminary or b) the seminary asked for financial support… and that isn’t acceptable! We now send one of our own to the surrounding congregations to guest preach, teach, and give presentations about Union Presbyterian Seminary ranging from 2 minutes to 30 minutes. Our Church Relations Officer doesn’t just talk about Union, she also listens to your story: what is going on in your congregation and how Union can walk with you. Our hope is that these visits will help us to build and strengthen our relationships with our surrounding congregations as we begin to move forward in the changing world together.

JordanRev. Jordan Davis received her Master of Divinity from Union Presbyterian Seminary in May 2014 and has a passion for building relationships within the Church and the world. Jordan devoted her time at Union to finding ways to strengthen the Union community through fellowship and worship since the community aspect was a priority when looking at seminaries. Taking a call as a Church Relations Officer for the seminary was a natural next step after graduation!

Prior to attending Union, Jordan received a Bachelor of Music Performance and a Bachelor in Music Education from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Jordan now lives in Durham, NC with her husband, Marc, their fish, and cat.

To schedule a time for Jordan to visit your congregation, please contact her at jdavis@upsem.edu or (919) 332-2142.

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